Grow your Butt with Fish oil and Vitamin E

We’ve all heard about specific bodily enhancement or building specific parts of the anatomy. Some seek to enlarge their penises, breasts, biceps, stomach and the list goes on. One very interesting development is the claim that you can actually grow your butt by mixing fish oil and Vitamin E together and apply the solution to the area around you buttock. But like any new innovation in any area, there are always pros and cons attached and this butt enlarging method is not an exception. Many of our womenfolk actually believe that this combination provides the stimulus needed for storing fat thereby enlarging the butt.

The disadvantages of this butt enlarging method

There is strong evidence to suggest that enlarging the butt by using this butt enlarging method may pose certain risks to health in the following ways:

· Two well-known features of Vitamin E are its soluble nature and its antioxidant properties which makes it ideal for use in many skin care products used by health fanatics everywhere. Our bodies do not produce their own supply of Vitamin E but are ingested and converted in the body from the food we consume or from different types of vitamin supplements. Since the body can only extract a small amount of Vitamin E from the foods we eat, large doses of vitamin pill supplements offer the only option to increasing your bodily vitamins to help enlarge you buttocks. There is a real danger of overdose that may impinge on your health.

· Omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 are found in generous quantities in fish oil and are beneficial for different parts of the body. For instance, Omega 3 is excellent for the eyes, brain and body joints, Omega 5 and 6 benefit the hair, skin, nails while Omega 7 and 9 solve passage issues, dryness and strokes. These fatty acids are not produced by the body and likewise must be ingested and converted from the fish and walnuts that we eat. The danger is also over dosage of these fatty acids from vitamin pills over and above the normal bodily needs which can cause health complications

Will the treatment mixture really enlarge your buttocks?

Many claim that fish oil is simply liquid fat while Vitamin E is soluble fat and combining the two must logically give a double dosage of liquid fat that must definitely enlarge one’s bum. The combined liquid fat simply percolates through the skin pores and become added fatty tissue to a person’s buttocks thereby enlarging it. Despite this claim, many still opt to have surgery for enlarging both bum and breast size. Experts say that the only reason why people claim they experience an enlargement of their butt is because the Omega 3 fatty acid is actually absorbed into the skin pores rather than travel through the digestive system. They add however that the increase in bum size is hardly noticeable and more important, that they may be the result of physical activities that go unnoticed.

The most effective method in adding size to your buttocks

The general consensus that relates to the enlargement of the buttocks area of our bodies hinges on the reality that they actually become larger when muscle or fat is added to their existing condition. This means that an overall increase in weight will tend to add more meat to the whole part of your body including your buttocks. Otherwise it’s a genetic legacy left by some ancestor that permits the storage of fat in certain parts of your anatomy like your bum. Sadly however, only a few individuals can boast the existence of this enlarging propensity in their genes.

So how do you actually grow your butt?

The crunch is that very few people have reported they actually grow their bum with fish oil and Vitamin E and that said, it means that using the mixture makes very little sense considering the health risks. You can however actually increase your bum by 1 or 2 inches from the treatment and that’s it; but you are then left with the problem of sustaining that growth which means repeated applications of the nauseating smell of fish oil. To overcome this issue, some providers turn to the use of supplements like Voluplus or Volufiline or the application of creams that stimulate the growth of your buttocks along with the consumption of a proper healthy diet and exercises.

One of the recommended ways to grow your butt is using butt enhancing creams such as Apex booty pop cream. Make sure you try and and let us know how you like it.