Exercises to Combine With Booty Pop Cream for Maximum Results

Booty Pop cream is a specially formulated product that is supposed to enhance the firmness of your butt. Made with natural ingredients, it reduces stretch marks and discourages cellulite improving the hydration and overall appearance of the butt. However, to get even better results, there is need to add some worthy exercises which will promote muscle development for a rounder and bigger looking butt. There is an excellent combination of exercises that can be used alongside the Booty Pop cream and below is a detailed guide in this respect.

1. Bird dog

This is an amazing workout routine that works well for booty enhancement. The good news is that it is a pretty easy exercise and all you need is an exercise mat and some space. Start by getting on the ground with your hands and knees firmly on the ground. Then, lift your right arm in a forward manner and do the same with your left leg. Hold this position for some time until you feel the burn. When you are done, lift the left arm forward and push the right leg as well. Exchanging the pair of opposite limbs will ensure a good workout that will benefit the muscles in your buttocks for a rounder definition.

2. One-legged bridges

This is yet another routine that will work wonders in your butt muscles for that ideal look. This is also a simple exercise and all you need is to lie down flat on your exercise mat with knees bent. Then, lift your thighs as high as possible and when you do this, lift one leg up in the air. Hold this position for some time then switch to the next leg. Doing a number of these bridges is the key to firming your bottom.

3. Burpees

These exercises can be a bit intense but the results are well worth the sweat. It is an exciting routine that incorporates several positions accordingly. From a standing position, bend over and place your hands firmly on the ground. Then, shoot your legs to assume the position of a log. The next step is to lower into a pushup then back to the plank position. In a low squat, jump forward and repeat the whole routine again. Apart from attaining that round bottom, you will be burning numerous calories and this will work well towards your overall fitness regimen.

4. Squats

Good old squats are excellent exercises to combine with Booty Pop cream. For squats, bend your knees to squat while keeping your spine straight with a tight core. Change the width of your stance to distribute the burn in your glutes. This simple yet effective exercise is definitely one worth trying. Some people will add weights to their squats and this will provide even a better challenge for better results.

There are many other exercises that you can explore including twerking. Anything that gets your butt muscles tight will work well to enhance your figure while using the butt enhancement cream. If you are not sure about a certain routine, dig deeper and research on it. Consulting an expert can also ensure that your are doing the exercises in the right way.