Changes you must make to your diet to get a perfect booty

Most beautiful celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian flaunt their booty everywhere they go and its no wonder that most women are always searching for ways to develop a bigger backside. Actually, there are women opting for quicker ways to get bigger butt such as injections and implants.
Some women will have no problem adding some weight on the gluts mainly because it is a main fat storage location. Nevertheless, there are women with body compositions that limit them from developing defined and prominent butt – particularly those who are thick all over or underweight. Hormones and genetics have a role to play when your body is selecting a place to store fats, but with the following diet changes, you will get that butt you want.

Eat more healthy fats and carbs

To build body muscles, you need more fats. However, that does not mean that you should add any type of fat into your daily diet – you will require the healthy fats such as nuts and avocados. Typically, fatty foods contains around twice the calories contained in proteins of the same serving size. Therefore, ensure that you are consuming them in moderation.
Make a daily avocado smoothie and add one-tablespoon coconut oil. The two will fill you up on the vegan healthy fats while the coconut oil will step up your body metabolism – that is a double win.
To reduce hunger cravings, which lead you to making bad food choices, and get higher energy levels throughout the day, you require healthy carbs. Good carbs include sweet potatoes, quinoa, and whole grain bread. Over-processed foods such as white bread and canned goods will fatten you up and provide very little butt building nutrition.
What’s more, losing some weight on your belly will make your bottom more prominent. Therefore, when modifying your diet, you should avoid the gut-busting foods. In other words, avoid the processed or refined foods such as French fries, white bread, sugary drinks and refined-grain pasta. Apart from spiking out your blood sugar levels, refined carbs will trigger insulin action therefore promoting fat storage in the liver and other areas around your abdominal cavity. As a result, you will get a squishy look.
You should only eat the right fats. Fats promote energy storage in the body, but no one would want to increase his/her risk for a heart disease in addition to the large derriere. While exercising to develop the butt muscle, you have to encourage some fats to remain. Add more polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats such as canola and olive oils, fish, nuts, avocados and seeds to your diet.

Eat proteins

Protein acts as fuel for body muscles and therefore when trying to build a perfect booty, you should add a good share to your diet. Proteins that will help you optimize your muscle growth include turkey meat, skinless chicken and fish. Apart from being cheap, dairy and eggs will provide you with more protein.
Protein powder is a good choice for individuals who go for days without protein particularly due to lack of time. They just need to add some amount into their daily routine. Whey protein is recommendable, but for vegans, hemp protein is ideal.
Your butt will only change when you make small adjustments to your diet. Whole proteins will help build muscles, which besides fats will make up a large portion of your bottom. For better results, you can include muscle-building workouts that will target the gluts in your daily routine.


Just like with any other diet, veggies are important for good health. They will benefit your entire body, not just the booty. Consider the leafy green vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers and berries.

Simple diet plan to help you get a bigger butt

When developing your butt, try to eat six meals in a day. This sample menu contains different foods that will help your bottom grow.
Breakfast: 1-slice of whole wheat bread, two egg whites, and one piece of fresh fruit.
Snack: berries and yogurt or a plate of vegetables
Lunch: a chicken breast on top of leafy greens salad with tomato and cucumbers salad
Second snack: slim tuna piece or peanut butter on a piece of whole wheat bread
Dinner: lean beef steak, whole wheat bread and some vegetables
Third snack: a handful of nuts and berries and a protein shake
Bottom line
Apart from making changes to your diet, you should also incorporate some workouts that target the butt to your daily routine. Look for exercises that tune the butt muscles such as kickbacks, squats and lunges.

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