3 Exercises you can do at home for a nice butt

There are several exercises you can do at home to gain a nice butt. It is not as must for you to buy gym equipment, some of the exercises you will just make simple moves, and they will tone your butt muscles. Many celebrities have tried them, and they work. There are several exercises available; it is upon you to assess different moves available and go for one which will best suit your specific needs. The workouts available vary on the duration of time you will spend on them. It is always necessary for you to go for a workout which will consume time which you have set aside for the exercise. Exercise as a way of shaping your but will not expose you to side effects. Here are 3 exercises you can do at home for a nice butt:

1. Hip-Lift Progression

The excess is very effective in relieving tension in your lower back as well as improving your butt. It is a simple exercise you will easily do at home. The only item you need is a clean mat where you will like on your back and make the moves. They are simple moves you will make at your pace, but they work wonders on your butt and lower back.

How to do Hip-Lift Progression exercise

Lie on the back: The first step for you to take is to lie on your back. The arms should be at your side. Knees should be bent and feet touching the floor. The move makes you relax the body on the floor ready for the exercise.

Lift hips towards the ceiling: To perform the moves, you have to lift the things towards the roof. As you lift, you will feel tension on your butt and adjacent muscles. Hold the thighs in the position facing the ceiling as you count for 1. Lower the thighs to their original position.

Repeat the process for a minute: Each count should last for about a second. For the exercise to be useful, you should count for 60 seconds. The move should allow you squeeze the glutes and hamstrings when at the top of the range. The exercise should be carried out with care not to overarch your spine which can lead to injuries.

2. Single-Leg Front Raises

It is an exercise to allow you achieve thigh stretch and glute tightening. The move is a multi-reward which requires less coordination.

How to do Single-Leg Front Raises

Stand feet hip-width apart: You will need a dumbbell for this move. Just stand upright with legs hips apart and hold your dumbbell on both hands.

Bend the legs: The next step involves bending both of your legs. Start by bending the right leg as you raise it about 3 inches from the ground.

Extend both arms: The arms should be extended in front of your chest. The palms should be facing down.

Keep the arms straight as you raise your left arm above the head. Hold the arms in position for 3 counts then return them to the chest height.

Alternate the arm raises till you make 8 total moves. Each arm should repeat 4 times.

The final step involves switching legs, using the same process, do 8 more repetitions on the right leg. The exercise helps you to stretch butt muscles making you develop a nice butt while working out from home.

3. Dumbbell Squats

The workout is a simple move, but it is very useful in helping you burn excess fats from your butt making them look nice. You can start with dumbbells of low weight and increase as you get used to the workout.

How to do dumbbell squats

Squat with feet shoulder width apart: Hold about 10-pound dumbbells by your thighs.

The next step involves squatting down mimicking the position of sitting on a chair. The weights should be kept over your heels at this position.

Squeeze the glutes as you move back to the start position.

Repeat for about 20 repeats for you to achieve quick results.

Keep the weight at your heels as you continue working out. The knees should not move past your toes.

The dumbbell squats is a simple move, but it has been used by many people to achieve good looking butts from home. It is an affordable move you can take.

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